Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Northeast China

 Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Northeast China (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Center) is one of the first three exchange and cooperation platforms established by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2017. According to the comprehensive layout, the state has set up five Tianyuan Mathematical Centers. (the Northeast Center relies on Jilin University, the northwest center relies on Xi'an Jiaotong University, the Southwest Center relies on Sichuan University, the southeast center relies on Xiamen University, and the central center relies on Wuhan University)

The National Mathematics Tianyuan fund is a special fund (the only one) set up in 1990 to promote China's mathematics to realize the goal of becoming a powerful country in mathematics as soon as possible, so as to realize the goal of "China's mathematics should catch up with the world's advanced level in the 21st century" put forward by the older generation of mathematicians. Mathematics Tianyuan fund project supports scientific and technical personnel to carry out scientific research, cultivate young talents, promote academic exchanges, optimize research environment, spread mathematical culture, and improve China's mathematical innovation ability by combining the characteristics and needs of mathematics discipline.

In order to better promote the balanced development of regional mathematics, the national leading group of Tianyuan mathematics established the Tianyuan mathematics center platform project in 2017. The project aims to build exchanges and promote cooperation, and cooperation to promote research. Aiming at a number of mathematics and its cross fields or topics, through various forms of international academic exchange and discussion activities, it gathers research teams, focuses on scientific issues, and deepens The cooperation between experts in various fields at home and abroad can cultivate young academic backbone, guide young people into the forefront of disciplines, promote the cross integration of mathematics with other disciplines and branches of mathematics, improve the overall research level of related fields or topics in China, form advantageous research directions, and promote the development of Mathematics.

The first batch of Tianyuan center includes the northeast, northwest and southwest centers. The Northeast Center takes the academic committee composed of 17 experts and scholars with important influence at home and abroad, including 4 academicians, as the core, and is jointly constructed by 23 universities in Northeast China under the leadership of Jilin University. The key work of the Northeast Center is to build a national cooperation and exchange platform for "Computational Mathematics", "analysis" and "Statistics".

Since its establishment, the Northeast Center has been making great efforts to cultivate more excellent teachers and students for our university and other brother universities and scientific research institutes by making use of the academic and scientific research environment and conditions provided by the State Fund Commission and Jilin University. So far, more than 1200 people have participated in the activities of Tianyuan mathematics Northeast Center from 125 universities or scientific research institutes in 29 provinces and autonomous regions of China, as well as 15 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea and India.

The Northeast Center formulates and implements the annual work plan for the major strategic needs of the country. Through various forms of academic exchanges and discussions, the interdisciplinary integration and close cooperation between domestic and foreign scientists in various fields have been strengthened, and the growth point of emerging disciplines has been cultivated, and the discipline direction with important influence in the world has been created.

The Northeast Center has established a national important platform with international influence for the school of mathematics of Jilin University. It has promoted the influence of mathematics at home and abroad, expanded the cooperation and exchange of mathematics, formed a strong "circle of friends" for scientific research, attracted masters in mathematics, and made the construction of mathematics discipline enter a virtuous circle and spiral rise.