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1、     Pure Mathematics

Algebra, Non-commutative geometry, Partial differential equations, Ordinary differential equations, Nonlinear functional analysisPoisson geometry, Higher-order Lie theory and mathematical physics, Operator theory and operator algebra

2、       Computational Mathematics

Numerical methods of inverse problems in mathematical physics, Finite volume element method of partial differential equations, Computer algebra, Numerical methods and applications of stochastic differential equations, Computational fluid dynamics, Numerical calculations of scientific computing and financial derivatives, Computational biological mathematics

3、       Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Applied probability theory, Financial mathematics and financial engineering, Financial risk analysis and insurance actuarial calculation, Biostatistics, Time series analysis, Probability theory and its application in statistics and finance

4Applied Mathematics

Nonlinear ellipse and parabolic equations, Numerical simulation of complex systems, Infinite dimensional dynamic systems, Applied partial differential equations, Differential dynamic systems

5、       Operations Research and Cybernetics

Dynamics and control