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New Year's Message from the School of Mathematics of Jilin University

Posted: 2021-01-01   Views: 

Dear faculties, students, alumni, and friends,

May everyone start anew at the beginning of the new year 2021. At this exciting moment, we, on behalf of the School of Mathematics, would like to express our deep gratitude to all the faculties, students, the retirees, and friends who have long been devoted to the development of the School of Mathematics. The year 2020 was a war with no weapons with the pandemic of COVID 19 affecting and disturbing the balance of everyone's life routine. In 2020, we learned more about the preciousness of life; in 2020, the greatness of our country left a deeper impression on each one of us; also in 2020, we people in the School of Mathematics once again demonstrated to the world our solidarity, kindness, and deep sense of responsibility.

In 2020, the School of Mathematics undertook the belief and duty of building a world's top mathematical program with Chinese style. We, gathering all of our knowledge and united as one, have made great progresses in the program development, teaching, researching, personnel training, and serving the society etc. The School of Mathematics successfully held the opening ceremony of the Jilin National Center for Applied Mathematics, multiple annual academic exchange activities of the Tianyuan Northeast Center of Mathematics, almost 300 online and 16 in person academic seminars and colloquiums; the School of Mathematics was among the first to be selected to conduct "the pilot enrollment reform of basic disciplines" (the Strong Foundation Plan) and "the top-notch student training program for basic disciplines 2.0"; The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors were among the first to be selected as the national first class Bachelor majors. In 2020, one of our faculty was bestowed the nationally prestigious award in each of the following categories: the Outstanding Youth Fund Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Leading Talents of Science and Technology Innovation in the National Ten Thousand Talents Plan, the National Talent Project, the Excellent Youth Fund Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the China Youth Science and Technology Award; the School of Mathematics added one ten million Yuan level major scientific research project; the Youth League Committee of the School of Mathematics won the silver medal of the annual National Internet Undergraduate Students' Education in 2020 and at the meantime, won the National Excellent Team Award along with the Best Communication Award; the WeChat official account of the School of Mathematics topped the list of “the best ten WeChat official accounts in Jilin University".

The achievements that the School of Mathematics made in the year of 2020 was due to the strong leadership of the Party Committee of the University and was the result of all the faculties and students undertaking their initial intentions, duties, and great effort for development. We once again would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the teachers and students for their devotion and contributions to the progresses of the School of Mathematics for the past year, express to all of the friends for their support to the School of Mathematics, and to mathematical colleagues at home and abroad and all sectors of the society for their caring and support!

In this new year, the School of Mathematics will continue to serve for the economy development and social progress, and write a new chapter for Mathematics of Jilin University to become a world-class program and Jilin University to enter world-class universities, with full enthusiasm, enterprising spirit, pragmatic style, and hard work.

Wish all the faculties, students and friends who care about and support the development of the School of Mathematics healthy, happy, successful and all the best!

The Leading Group of the School of Mathematics, Jilin University