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Series of Reports on the 2020 Orientation ork of the School of Mathematics (1) School of Mathematics 2020 Orientation Work was Successfully Completed

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In order to complete the registration for the 2020 freshmen of the School of Mathematics of Jilin University, to facilitate the freshmen to better familiarize themselves with the new environment, and to enhance the freshmen’s understanding of university life, teachers and volunteers from the School of Mathematics, Jilin University were guiding the freshmen in Mayflower Plaza from September 17 to September 19, 2020.

After sufficient preparations, at 6:30 on September 17, 2020, the work of accepting new students in the School of Mathematics of Jilin University officially began. Freshmen entered the campus from the school gate with the admission notice. At the reception desk of the school gate, they need to take temperature measurement, disinfection, health inquiry, and checking of the "auspicious code". At the school gate, volunteers were arranged to greet the freshmen and lead them to the reception point. The welcome reception point was located in Mayflower Square. With the arrival of the freshmen one after another, volunteers quickly helped them store their luggage and led them to complete all the registration procedures in an orderly manner. After the arriving at the reception station of the college, the freshmen conducted their identity verifications (face recognition), signed health commitment letters, and received their student cards, "health packs", freshman material bags, and dormitory keys. Under the guidance of student volunteers, freshmen took the on-campus guide bus or went to the dormitory by themselves. After arriving downstairs in the dormitory, the college volunteers guided the students to check in. While the welcome work was in progress, the school’s party committee secretary Jiang Zhiying and principal Zhang Xi successively visited the welcome site to personally guide the work. Fan Qingwen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mathematics, and counselors Li Geng, Cao Xinyue, and Meng Xianglong also came to the scene to communicate with students and answered various questions from parents and students. In order to cope with the large number of new students, the various processes of the orientation work were clearly divided, meticulous and thoughtful, and innovative service methods were better in communicating with each other, which greatly improved work efficiency and quality. The welcome scene was also equipped with a camera to take the first photo of the freshmen joining the School of Mathematics of Jilin University. Many juniors were also constantly communicating, expressing their beautiful visions for the coming college life. It could be seen that the freshmen were full of expectations for the upcoming college life and were very curious about the things on campus. The college has set up freshman counselor assistants to facilitate students to adapt better in the future. The freshmen could ask their help when there’s something they do not understand or when they need help. During the three-day orientation work, the School of Mathematics, Jilin University, in line with the purpose of mutual help and mutual assistance, served students and parents wholeheartedly, so that freshmen could feel selfless warmth and care in a new and unfamiliar environment and better integrate into the big family of the School of Mathematics, Jilin University.

Finally, welcome to the 2020 freshmen, I wish they can live and study happily in the School of Mathematics of Jilin University, and bravely chase their dreams. New life, new starting point, blooming the youth in the university. I hope that the students from all over the world in our college can continue the excellent style of our college and continue to show new spiritual outlook.

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