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Sino-Russian Mathematics Center-JLU Colloquium(2022-032)-FROM OPERADS TO OPERADIC CATEGORIES

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报 告 人:Michael Batanin

所在单位:Institute of Mathematics of Czech Academy of Science, Charles University, Prague

报告时间:2022年09月30日 16:30-17:30

报告地点:ZOOM ID:862 062 0549,Code:2022


报告摘要:Operads were introduced at the end of 1960s by Boardman, Vogt and P.May as spaces parametrising multivariable operations and their substitutions. In the 1990's however, it was realised that there are other interesting types of operads such as cyclic and modular operads of Getzler and Kapranov (motivated by TQFT development) and globular n-operads of Batanin parametrising higher categorical compositional structures. In 2015 Batanin and Markl introduced operadic categories in order to develop a consistent theory of operadic like structures. In my talk I explain what operadic category and associated category of operads are and why this is a very rich and useful new algebraic concept.

报告人简介:The speaker graduated from Novosibisk State University in 1983. He is currently a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of Czech Republic, and a Professor of Charles University in Prague. He is specialising in Algebraic Topology, Category Theory, Operads and related topics.