National Center For Applied Mathematics In Jilin

National Center For Applied Mathematics In Jilin is a national scientific research platform approved by the Ministry of science and technology to further implement the spirit of the national "several opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening basic scientific research" (GF [2018] No. 4) and "work plan on strengthening mathematical scientific research" (gkbj [2019] No. 61).

National Center For Applied Mathematics In Jilin was established on September 29, 2019. It is led by Jilin University and jointly constructed by Northeast Normal University and Jilin provincial computing center. It is one of the first 13 National Applied Mathematics centers supported. This is also the second national mathematics center built by our university after Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Northeast China.

Centering on the national development strategy of strengthening mathematical research, the center has established an open and integrated mechanism, guided innovation and practice with mathematical thinking, mathematical methods, mathematical discovery and mathematical laws, focusing on digital Jilin, new energy vehicles, biomedicine, satellite data application and other fields, focusing on the construction of mathematical modeling and algorithm of civil aviation tires, infectious diseases and animal diseases Research on key issues such as modeling and analysis, artificial intelligence breeding of main crops, remote sensing data processing and industrial application, air pollution warning and other key issues. The center will continue to focus on the major needs of the country, refine mathematical problems, strengthen scientific and technological research and major breakthroughs in leading original achievements, and support the construction of an innovative country and a world science and technology power with high-level mathematical research. To contribute wisdom and strength to the comprehensive revitalization and all-round revitalization of Jilin in the new era.

Since the establishment of National Center For Applied Mathematics In Jilin, Jilin University has always been actively supporting the center to carry out various work, providing guarantee in policy formulation, operating funds, working conditions, etc., and striving to build the center into an important base for high-level applied mathematics and applied mathematics research, training of mathematical talents and Application Technology exchange.