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The school of mathematics successfully held "math-talk life launch lecture 27" -- optimization of artificial intelligence

Posted: 2019-10-21   Views: 

In order to enable students to have a deeper understanding of the new era of artificial intelligence and computational mathematics, the math-talk life launching lecture series -- optimization of artificial intelligence -- was successfully held on October 19 by the social practice department of the youth league committee of the school of mathematics of jilin university.

This time we are honored to invite professor xu xu from the department of applied mathematics to explain to the students. First of all, professor xu xu used the examples of making tea and delivering express in life to explain what is optimization, and then gave the mathematical representation of optimization. Then, professor xu xu introduced the application and employment positions of optimization in all walks of life through optimization research scope and optimization alias, and concluded that operational planning and control science has greatly changed the development of artificial intelligence, so that students can better understand the changes that artificial intelligence needs to make. Later, professor xu xu used the confrontation between AlphaGo and ke jie and other people and the example of driverless car to make students understand the development degree of modern artificial intelligence, so as to give the definition of artificial intelligence and the fields involved. After professor xu xu introduced the application of artificial intelligence technology in face recognition, voice recognition and other fields, he briefly discussed the structure and training process of deep neural network, one of the most important algorithms of artificial intelligence, and unveiled the mysterious veil of neural network, so that students can feel the charm of artificial intelligence.

At the end of the lecture, professor xu xu introduced the significance of machine learning and encouraged everyone to keep up with the pace of The Times and catch up with the tide of technology. I believe that through this wonderful lecture, students will have a better understanding of the department of computational mathematics. I also believe that students will have a greater love for mathematics learning and apply mathematics to life.