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Series of Academic Activities of School and Institute of Mathematics in 2020(the 310th): Professor Xia Limeng, Jiangsu University

Posted: 2021-01-04   Views: 

Report title: Polynomial modules over quantum group of type A_1

Reporter: Professor Xia Limeng, Jiangsu University

Reporting time: December 10, 2020 9:00-10:00

Report location: Tencent Meeting: 885817823

School contact: Sheng Yunhe shengyh@jlu.edu.cn

Report summary:

We classify all rank one polynomial modules over the quantum groups U_q(sl2) and U_q(sl2) for generic q. We also provide the equivalent conditions of the simplicity of those modules.

Brief introduction of the speaker:

Xia Limeng is a professor at the School of Science, Jiangsu University. Graduated from the Department of Mathematics of East China Normal University in 2005, engaged in the research of Lie algebra and its representation theory. He has published more than 30 SCI papers in J. Algebra, J. Pure. Appl. Algebra and other journals.