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The School of Mathematics held a luncheon for young teachers

Posted: 2023-03-13   Views: 

"Message for the new semester, looking forward to a new journey, building a fortress of scientific research", the college held a "lunch meeting for new teachers of the School of Mathematics" at noon on February 28, 2023 in the lecture hall of Zhengxin Building. The meeting was attended by some members of the college's leadership and more than 40 teachers who have stayed in the school for the past five years.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dean Zhang Ran shared his own experience in scientific research and teaching, hoping that the teachers and students of the school could work together to "pair up and help each other" for the future development of the School of Mathematics. Dean Zhang Ran also encouraged young teachers to build personality confidence in psychology, to be firm in their ability in work, to have language confidence in communication, not to be afraid of difficulties, not to give up in the face of pressure, not to retreat in the face of difficulties, and to face work pressure with a positive attitude in real life. The School of Mathematics welcomes young teachers to join us. I hope you will be full of vigor and spirit in the new semester. Finally, Dean Zhang Ran let everyone speak freely, I hope everyone in the best years, find their own direction of struggle, dedication, perfect!

At the lunch meeting, all the students spoke freely and happily. The full-time foreign post-doctoral teachers also expressed their ideas. They thought that international exchanges and cooperative research could be strengthened by setting up English discussion classes, etc. Dean Zhang Ran highly affirmed this. Foreign postdoctoral teacher Kate also said, "We should study Chinese hard and make more friends here." As the saying goes, "The road reaches far, the sea embraces all rivers." With an open and inclusive mind, the School of Mathematics is setting sail for win-win cooperation and promoting all parties to a more prosperous and beautiful future.

The lunch meeting is a new attempt of teachers' activities in the School of Mathematics. It is a new form of "thinking meeting" and "communication meeting". In the future, the School of Mathematics will use the lunch break, relying on the department to carry out "lunch meeting" activities from time to time, organize young and middle-aged teachers to participate in academic exchanges and discussions, discuss the problems related to teachers' teaching development, and share successful experience and advanced ideas.