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A letter to all women on Women's Day

Posted: 2023-03-13   Views: 

Ladies of the school:

Spring and bright, all things competing hair. On this beautiful day full of vitality and hope, we are here today to celebrate the 113th International Women's Day.

Looking back, the years have been eventful. Sonorous roses, blooming youth. Based on your position, hard work and dedication, forge ahead with determination, bravely take on the burden, give full play to the role of "half the sky", with excellent work performance to show the style of the college female teaching staff. In addition to your busy work, you bear multiple responsibilities as a wife, mother and daughter. You have paid hard sweat for your family and left a warm and beautiful scenery for the society.

Here, the college would like to express our heartfelt thanks and respect to you! The year 2023 will be the first year to fully implement the Party's 20 Guiding principles, with both hopes and challenges. To get off to a good start on our new journey requires us to follow the direction of the Party's 20 National Congress and work hard with the energy and energy of waiting for no one but the clock. The new era, new situation and new tasks have also put forward new and higher requirements for our female compatriots:

First, we need to strengthen political loyalty. It is hoped that all female compatriots will bear in mind the great trust of the Party and the people, remain true to the original aspiration of teaching, keep in mind their responsibilities and missions, devote themselves to education and teaching with high morale and full enthusiasm, further strengthen the "four consciousness" and "four self-confidence" with a high degree of political consciousness, and achieve the "two maintenance".

Second, we should uphold traditional virtues. It is hoped that all female compatriots will show filial piety to their parents, care for their children, live in harmony with their neighbors, be diligent and thrifty, integrate the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation into their families, lives and society, and set an example in carrying forward the socialist core values and practicing the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.

Third, we need to work hard and innovate. I hope all the women compatriots continue to carry forward the "women do not let the men, striving for first-class performance" spirit of struggle, to master the attitude, in their respective jobs, down-to-earth, pioneering, with their new work performance, show the new era of female comrades unique valiant Yingzhi!

Finally, I wish all the female compatriots a happy holiday, forever smile, beautiful infinite, youth always in!