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The School of Mathematics successfully held the third Faculty Congress and the third Trade union member Congress

Posted: 2023-03-27   Views: 

On the morning of March 22nd, the College of Mathematics of Jilin University held the third congress of teaching staff and the third congress of trade union members in the second lecture hall of the Mathematics Building. School of Mathematics Party and government leading group members and "double representative meeting" representatives attended this meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Haobai, vice president of the College administration.

  The meeting opened with a solemn national anthem. First of all, Dean Zhang Ran made a work report on behalf of the School of Mathematics. Focusing on the three major projects of the university, the construction of "double first-class" disciplines, the 14th Five-Year Plan and other central work, the report comprehensively summarizes the historic breakthroughs made by the school in discipline construction, team construction, personnel training, international exchanges, scientific research achievements and other aspects in the past five years. And put forward the next five years in the discipline construction, scientific research achievements, personnel training, infrastructure construction and other aspects of the overall plan.

  Immediately, Wang Haobai, Vice president of Jilin University School of Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics of the second trade union committee entrusted, reported the work to the assembly. The report reviewed the work of the trade union since 2018, introduced in detail the work of the trade union in democratic management, cultural and sports activities benefiting the people, contribution to poverty alleviation and other aspects in the past five years, proposed the direction of future work, notified the income and expenditure of the trade union dues, and solemnly promised that the trade Union of the College would continue to focus on the overall reform of the college and work on the issues concerned by the teaching staff. With a high sense of political responsibility and mission, we make new contributions to the comprehensive development of the staff.

  Finally, Secretary Wang Chunpeng pointed out in his concluding speech that we should seize opportunities and meet challenges, persist in taking moral cultivation as the fundamental task, and take the 70th anniversary of the founding of the discipline as an opportunity to call on all faculty members to actively plan, build consensus, overcome difficulties and make concerted efforts to promote various work of the school with high quality.