The second seminar on scientific research planning for young scholars of northeast center of national Tianyuan mathematics was held smoothly

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In order to promote the rapid development of mathematics in northeast China and enhance the level of scientific research of young scholars in mathematics in this region, the "second seminar on scientific research planning for young scholars of tianyuan mathematics northeast center" was held on August 1-2, 2019. This conference is sponsored by the national natural science foundation of China mathematics tianyuan foundation and Harbin Institute of Technology. The meeting invited the hubei venant academicians, ematsu academicians, member of pingwen zhang, professor BaoGang Cheng Jin professor, researcher of psoriasis Fan Genghua yun-qing huang, professor li yong, professor, professor, professor Shang Huazhong wangjie, professor xie endowment professor qing, zhang liqun, a researcher at the Zhang Ran professor, professor Zhao Bin, gui-ping zhao researcher, professor zhao jiang and other experts and scholars from jilin university, northeast normal university, dalian university of technology, Harbin industrial university in the northeast of 23 and the young scholars and scientific research of colleges and universities to carry on the review, some tianyuan center of northeast China and faculty leaders also attended the meeting.

Youth tianyuan mathematics center of northeast China the second country scholar research planning seminar opening ceremony performed by the Harbin industrial university institute of mathematics professor bo-ying wu, director of the host, Harbin industrial university President assistant professor Fan Feng first speech, he expressed warm welcome to the experts and representatives, and introduced the situation of the Harbin industrial university. Academician zhang pingwen, director of the academic committee of the northeast center of tianyuan mathematics, thanked the organizer and organizers in his speech and introduced the main idea of this activity. Finally, professor wu buying introduced the basic situation of mathematics in Harbin Institute of Technology.

This seminar adopts the form of one person one evaluation. In the seminar stage, 24 young scholars from different universities reported their research progress and future direction, and experts made careful comments on each report, and analyzed and guided how to improve the research and career of each young scholar. Young scholars and experts discussed enthusiastically and brilliantly, so that the participants enjoyed a unique charm of the academic feast. The experts also invited some young scholars with related research directions to visit the conference for further guidance and help.

Experts believe that the overall academic research of the young scholars attending the conference has a high starting point and great potential. Through the report of the young scholars, the meeting had face-to-face and in-depth communication with experts and scholars, which enhanced the experts' understanding of the young researchers and guided the young teachers to make more reasonable and cutting-edge scientific research plans. This meeting has further enhanced the internal cohesion among universities in northeast China and is of great significance for enhancing the scientific research strength of young scholars in northeast China.