Fields prize winner professor Caucher Birkar to lecture on "my path to mathematics"

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On the afternoon of August 28, the fifth dingxin lecture of jilin university in 2019 was held in the dingxin lecture hall of the central campus. At the invitation of jilin university and the national tianyuan Mathematics northeast center, professor Caucher Birkar of the university of Cambridge, winner of the fields prize, gave an academic lecture entitled "My Journey into the World of Mathematics". Professor zheng weitao, vice President of jilin university, deputy secretary general of Chinese mathematics society and researcher Chen yifei from the academy of mathematics and systems science attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by professor zhang ran, vice President of the school of mathematics and vice director of the executive committee of the national tianyuan northeast center of mathematics. Professor Caucher Birkar presented ding xin lecture plaque to him.

Zheng Weitao, on behalf of the university, welcomed professor Caucher Birkar and pointed out that mathematics occupies an important position in the research of natural science, high-tech and other fields and plays a crucial role in supporting the development of other disciplines. He hopes that under the guidance of the northeast center of tianyuan mathematics, the mathematics discipline of our university will take advantage of the development opportunity of "double first-class" construction to actively promote the construction of national mathematical research and exchange platform and strive to build a world-class mathematics discipline.

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In the lecture, professor Caucher Birkar started from his childhood experience, telling how he embarked on the road of mathematics and his inspiring experience of persistent exploration and pursuit of mathematical research after a long period of hard work. He believes that we should do our best to help young scholars solve problems, do a good job in mathematical research, constantly absorb the essence of diverse cultures, collision and inspire more mathematical inspiration, and jointly promote the progress and development of human civilization. Professor Caucher Birkar's lecture had profound thoughts and unique insights, and had a deep insight and perception into mathematics learning, which strongly influenced every teacher and student present. The whole lecture was full of climax and continuous applause.

After the lecture, the teachers and students from the mathematics learning method, mathematical thinking to develop, and become a mathematical researchers have quality conditions, etc., and Caucher Birkar professor discusses the communication, stimulate the students' learning enthusiasm and interest, to inspire the student to develop new ideas, grasp the new method, establish clear objectives, develop clear career planning has a positive guiding significance.

Caucher Birkar is a Kurdish mathematician and professor at the university of Cambridge, UK. Born in Marivan, Iran in 1978, he received his bachelor's degree from the university of Tehran, Iran and his doctorate from the university of Nottingham, UK. He is mainly engaged in the research of birational geometry in algebraic geometry. He won the Leverhulme prize in 2006, the Moore research paper prize of the American mathematical association in 2016 and the Fields Medal, the highest award in mathematics in 2018. His research was influenced by professor Shokurov of Johns Hopkins university. In 2006, Birkar, in collaboration with Cascini, Hacon and McKernan, classified general type algebraic clusters, which was a major breakthrough in the field of birational algebraic geometry. In 2016 Birkar independently solved the BAB conjecture, an important conjecture about the fano algebraic cluster.