School of mathematics of Jilin university holds international BBS on mathematics and applied mathematics

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From September 22 to 23, the international BBS of mathematics and applied mathematics was held by the school of mathematics of jilin university and the northeast center of national tianyuan mathematics. The BBS is at jilin university in 2019 with cooperation conference and the international production, accelerate the development of high quality overseas talents exchange is an important part of the series of activities, from Ukraine national academy of sciences, national technical university in Ukraine, Russia tomsk state university, national university of lvov Ukraine, Russia, Moscow state university, national university of Kiev 18 experts and scholars, and the mathematics school leadership team members and representatives of teachers, a total of more than 50 people attended the BBS activities.

From 13:30 PM on September 22nd, BBS will hold the opening ceremony and keynote presentation. This BBS made 19 academic reports, 18 experts from Russia and Ukraine and experts from the school of mathematics and the northeast center of tianyuan mathematics carried out extensive academic exchanges and discussions on the frontier issues of mathematics and applied mathematics that are of common concern.

During the period of BBS, professor li huilai, dean of the school, professor shi shaoyun, vice President zhang ran and other representatives of the school introduced the development and construction of mathematics from the aspects of discipline construction, talent cultivation and scientific research.

This BBS is an academic event of jilin university mathematics, mathematics and applied mathematics in China and foreign countries to the direction of experts and scholars to build an academic dialogue platform, as well as to further expand the international influence of jilin university mathematics, to further strengthen with the international well-known scientific research institutes and universities in our academic exchanges and cooperation.