A symposium on the preparation of Jilin applied mathematics and cross science center was held in Jilin university

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On August 22, jilin province applied mathematics and cross science center preparation symposium was held in the central campus of jilin university. Zhang xi, President of jilin university, yu huadong, deputy director of jilin provincial department of science and technology, zhao hui, head of basic research department, relevant heads of science and technology department, school of mathematics, institute of mathematics and representatives of teachers from school of mathematics attended the symposium.

At the meeting, professor zhang ran, vice President of the school of mathematics, reported the construction plan of jilin province applied mathematics and cross science center, and introduced the construction plan from seven aspects, including "background, orientation, content and direction, management system, operation mechanism, cooperation and guarantee measures".

Yu Huadong seriously listened to the report, and puts forward instructional Suggestions for center construction scheme, he hopes to problem oriented, form the team, each team direction to take mathematics as the kernel in the structural design of structure, spread to all fields of radiation, realize the intersection between disciplines, and then output a series of influential academic achievements. He pointed out that the construction plan of the center should further improve the management system and management methods, give full play to the advantages of scientific research units in the province, accumulate strength, form a joint force, and make every effort to build an influential applied mathematics research center in jilin province, northeast China, and even the whole country.

In his concluding speech, zhang xi thanked jilin provincial government for its attention and support to the establishment of the applied mathematics center of jilin university. He stressed that mathematics is the foundation of basic research and is of great significance to original innovation. Take the construction of the center as an opportunity to recruit talents without sticking to one pattern, especially to create conditions for the growth of young talents. We should be good at cooperating with researchers in relevant research institutions, strengthening exchanges between different disciplines, achieving cross-integration and collaborative innovation. We should pay special attention to the basic problems in the major demand of jilin province, and innovate the way of scientific and technological organization according to the nature of the problem and the need of solving the problem. He said that under the strong support and guidance of the provincial government, jilin university will strive to build a high-level mathematical science research base and high-end talent training base, improve the original innovation ability and core competitiveness in related fields, and contribute to the economic development and social progress of jilin province.