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Announcement of the recommended list of national inspirational scholarships for 2019-2020, the School of Mathematics

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In accordance with the "Jilin University Undergraduate and Junior College Students National Inspirational Scholarship Evaluation Measures", based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness, after the individual application of the student and the evaluation of the college evaluation team, it is planned to determine 25 classmates such as Zhao Huali in class of the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, 2017 to be recommended candidates for the National Inspirational Scholarship for 2019-2020 of our school (see the attachment for the specific recommendation list), which is now publicly announced. If you have any objections, please report it to the college in writing during the publicity period.

Publication time: October 9 to October 14, 2019 (5 working days in total)

Contact: Li Geng

Office location: Student Work Office, Math Building

Contact number:85166215

E-mail adress:ligeng2016@jlu.edu.cn



School of Mathematics (Official Seal)

October 9, 2020

Attachment: Recommended list of National Inspirational Scholarships for the School of Mathematics, 2019-2020


School of Mathematics

Recommended list of National Inspirational Scholarships for 2019-2020

赵花丽         卢帅帅  胡梦迪  郁霜霜  安慧颖  高瑞荧  常聪颖 韩孟雅  范云鹰  杨晓春      杜云龙     张静杉  王濒茁  周宇豪 雷浩浩  苏德钦  熊廷恩      蔡宇佳  刘艺洲  黄子龙


School of Mathematics

October 9, 2020