Training System of School of Mathematics

Ordinary classes, base classes, Tang Aoqing classes, and strong base classes are set for the undergraduates in the School of Mathematics 

The School of Mathematics has a fine tradition of emphasizing undergraduate teaching. Both basic mathematics courses and professional courses have formed teaching teams. Among them, basic courses such as mathematical analysis, advanced algebra, analytic geometry, ordinary differential equations, probability theory and mathematical statistics are reviewed by the teaching steering committee of the college to form a teaching team. The teaching team fully considers the title structure, age structure, professional structure and gender structure, realizing the optimal combination of curriculum teaching. The School of Mathematics selects the best teachers to teach basic mathematics courses. All professors teach undergraduates, and all teachers work in the front line of undergraduate teaching. Each teaching team implements a collective lesson preparation system and conducts at least 3 course teaching seminars every semester. The college implements a system of passing, helping, and leading young teachers. From the exercises, answering questions, and correcting homework, the lecturer should check the young teachers by listening to the lectures. The college encourages young teachers to participate in various teaching competitions at all levels, so that young teachers can grow rapidly in teaching practice.

Teaching Reform

1Based on the strengthening of moral education and the cultivation of people, to comprehensively improve the quality of talent training

Fully implementing the educational thought of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "To fully implement the party's educational policy and the fundamental tasks of strengthening of moral education and the cultivation of people, develop quality education, promote educational equity, and cultivate socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and beauty" Integrating the thought of  “strengthening of moral education and the cultivation of people” into the design and implementation of the discipline system, teaching system, teaching material system, and management system. Efforts should be made to strengthen the cultivation of morality, educate and guide students to cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, steadfastly cultivate morality, and to become a person with great love and great feelings.

2With ability training as the core, to establish a "top talent" honorary curriculum system

Since 2014, the School of Mathematics has established an honorary curriculum system for outstanding students, with the purpose of "emphasizing character, strong professionalism, broad vision, showing personality, and creating first-class", it adopts the form of "small class teaching, seminars and explanations, learning guidance, teacher-student exchanges, team research and subject expansion”. Separate training programs have been established, new teaching content (flow calculus, random calculus) has been added, multiple teaching methods are adopted, honorary instructors have been established, and inter-grade, inter-professional, and inter-disciplinary , Cross-school "honor learning team" has been established, with teaching to lead students (teachers leading students), the old to lead the new (seniors leading freshmen), teaching to promote learning (flipped classroom), learning to promote learning (peer learning), competition to promote learning (competition to promote learning), research to promote learning, visits to promote learning (international and domestic visits and exchanges), reading to promote learning (academic reports, popular science reports).


3To Establish an excellent faculty team based on teaching and educating

The college takes the construction of national teaching team and provincial teaching team as the core, and takes the construction of national quality courses, national quality resource sharing courses, provincial quality courses, and national network resource courses as benchmarks, based on national planning textbooks and international excellent teaching materials, relying on the development of international academic exchanges, international curriculum exchanges, and teaching platform exchanges, and driven by teaching research, teaching reforms, and teaching competitions, we have established a team that integrates teacher brand, course brand, textbook brand, and teaching brand of outstanding teachers. At the same time, each teaching team is formed with national-level teaching teachers, provincial-level teaching teachers, provincial-level outstanding teachers and doctoral tutors as the course leaders. The college now has 1 national-level teaching master, 4 provincial-level teaching masters, 1 national-level teaching team, 2 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 1 deputy director and 2 members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, winning 5 items of the Baosteel Education Award, 3 items of the Fok Yingdong Fund Young Teacher Research Fund and 3 items of the Young Teacher Teaching Award, and 1 outstanding teacher in Jilin Province.

4To achieve fruitful research results led by teaching innovation and

Up to now, the School of Mathematics has won 1 National Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, 4 national excellent courses, 6 provincial excellent courses, 3 national excellent resource courses, 11 provincial excellent teaching achievement awards, 5 Baosteel Education Awards, 3 Young Teacher Research Fund and Young Teacher Teaching Awards from the Fok Ying Tung Foundation, 1 national excellent textbook award, 4 excellent textbook awards from the former State Education Commission, and 27 provincial and ministerial excellent textbook awards, undertaking 5 famous-brand course projects based on the Ministry of Education, 8 national tenth five-year planning textbook construction projects, 19 national Tenth Five-Year, Eleventh Five-Year, and Twelfth Five-Year planning textbook projects, 5 teaching materials for the 21st Century Item, 1 item of National New Century Online Course Project, etc.


Top talent training characteristics

1. The training program of "Emphasizing on character, enhancing professionalism, broadening vision, manifesting individuality, establishing the first-class"

The top talent training program consists of an ideological and moral module, a professional education module, a vision expansion module, a personality development module and a scientific research module.

1Ideological and moral moduleThe combination of ideological and political classrooms and famous reports, psychological education and health training, responsibility and social practice, university history education and patriotism, academic history education and scientific spirit.

2Professional education moduleStrengthening professional basic training, focusing on professional knowledge education, and dynamically optimizing elective courses.

3 Vision expansion moduleDomestic and foreign experts and scholars are invited to make reports through the platforms of expert reports, famous forums, MathTalk forums, and through visits abroad and other forms, students can expand their scientific horizons, enrich their knowledge structure, and understand the dynamics of scientific development, achieving the effect of high visibility. So far, mathematicians at home and abroad, including Fields Medal winner Professor Caucher Birkar, Academician John Ball of the University of Oxford, Academician Yuan Yaxiang, Academician Zhang Pingwen, Academician Jiang Song, Academician Tang Tao, Academician Chen Mufa, etc. have made reports for the top students, and conducting face-to-face communication with students after reporting.

4Personality development moduleAccording to the characteristics and abilities of each top student, helping formulate their study plan, guiding them to participate in seminars, carry out scientific research training, and to select interdisciplinary courses based on their interests.


5Scientific research moduleMaking use of  platforms such as college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects, outstanding students’ scientific research projects in the School of Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling Contest for College Students, Mathematical Contest for College Students, scientific research seminars, and learning enhancement classes to guide students to develop scientific research that suits their knowledge structure and professional abilities, and cultivating the scientific spirit of the students, improving their scientific research literacy.

2. Training mechanism of "small classes, seminars, tutorial system, distribution system, internationalization"

Top-notch students have a class teacher, and all courses are taught in small classes (16 students). In terms of learning, the college has an academic tutor for each student, and the students voluntarily form several study groups. In terms of scientific research, the college provides students with scientific research tutors, and each research tutor guides up to three students to carry out scientific research activities. At the same time, the college encourages students of different grades to form a "student research peer team" equipped with instructors. Under the guidance of the instructor, conduct study discussions, scientific research cooperation, and competition exchanges.

The top-notch students implement the "preservation-level and shunt system". The college stipulates that as long as the average grade point is not less than 3.3 (3.3/4), the top-notch students can retain their qualifications. The preserving and distributing system has made "top-notch talent training" a public resource for all students, making the selection of top-notch students truly fair, just, and open, eliminating the negative impact of "lifelong status system", and greatly improving all undergraduates Students’ learning consciousness and initiative ensure the quality of top-notch talent training.

The school actively encourage top-notch students to carry out short and medium term overseas (border) study visits. In the past three years, the college has sent 96 top-notch students to the University of Alberta in Canada, Michigan State University in the United States, Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States and other well-known foreign universities for exchange and study, which has enhanced international vision and improved professional standards. So far, the School of Mathematics has established outstanding undergraduate visiting and communicating mechanism with Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, Michigan State University, National University of Singapore, University of Alberta in Canada, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Waseda University in Japan, etc.

 In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of students to visit and ensure the quality of student visits, the school has set up flexible credit exchange methods for students  in Tang Aoqing class students at school and college levelsIn addition to the traditional exemption and exemption system, comprehensive scientific research training, overseas research experience, foreign online courses, and independent scientific research projects are included in the credit exchange system. For students who have achieved outstanding results in the above activities, after discussion and approval by the college teaching committee, those can be flexibly replaced with elective courses or extracurricular credits to reduce the pressure of students' academic studies and guide students to participate in scientific research and practical activities.

3. Teaching team of "excellent character, professional ethics, teaching ability and high level"

With national famous teachers and famous teachers of Jilin Province as the leading figures, a team of teachers with strong political quality and excellent professional ethics has been established. Now available teaching masters, outstanding youths, outstanding youths and outstanding overseas scholars of the School of Mathematics have all joined the top-notch talent teaching team and acted as top-notch student instructors, enabling top-notch students to learn and communicate face-to-face with famous teachers. The top talent teaching team attaches great importance to the education of students' ideals and beliefs, the dissemination of scientific culture and scientific spirit, and the selection of frontier trends in science and technology, being a good thought leader and academic instructor for the growth of young talents.

4. A management platform of well managing "hearts, things, staff, talents"

An "integrated" management platform has been established for ideological and political management, teaching management, and self-management of the students. The party committee of the college attaches great importance to the ideological and political education of top-notch students, and the Student Affairs Office of the college strengthens the education of top-notch students in terms of ideology, life guidance, social practice, solidarity and cooperation. Relying on the “Sigma” peer lecturer guidance group, scientific research ability improvement guidance group, and “Let me help you with higher mathematics” peer lecturer group to build a new pattern of trinity study style construction with key assistance, ability improvement, and coverage of the whole school. With the Mathematical Modeling Association as the core, the Jilin Province College Students Mathematical Modeling Alliance was established, which successfully held eight provincial-level trainings and hosted one school-level competition. The College Bridge Club has won more than ten awards including the third place in the 2018 National College Student Bridge Championships, and its achievements are among the best among universities in the country.

Give full play to the role of head teachers and instructors. Make students firm their ideals and beliefs, clarify development goals, standardize behavior, unity and love, and code of integrity. Combining the characteristics of the subject and the characteristics of students, enrich students' daily life, establish student learning and life communities, and strengthen students' awareness of self-management. Through the MathTalk club established by students and the school’s TEDxJLU Club student self-management platform, various cultural exchanges and popular science activities are independently carried out under the guidance of the management department. While learning professional knowledge, students can better understand the fine elements of Chinese traditional culture, which has improved the students' humanistic quality and patriotism.

5. Employment quality assurance system of the graduates of "high quality, high level, full tracking and full attention"

1To establish an information exchange platform

Through regular or irregular exchanges with employers, employers feed back talent needs and use information, the college introduces training plans, the two sides jointly discuss and improve training plans, research and solve problems in training, and guide the college to promote education and teaching reforms to meet the actual needs of society , So that student training can better meet the needs of employers and form a feedback mechanism for benign talent training.

(2) To establish a multi-functional, information-based data collection platform

The college used modern information technology to establish a continuous tracking and feedback support system for the quality of talent training, and built a normalized and integrated feedback communication platform between the college and employers, graduate alumni, and students in all grades, providing technical means for continuously and extensively tracking and collecting feedback information on the quality of talent training.

3To establish information feedback with the goal of quality improvement

The establishment of a tracking and feedback mechanism for the quality of talent training in the college is based on feedback as well as improvement. Information feedback is the key link. The feedback to the college is to put forward feasible suggestions for training goals, training programs, training models, curriculum resources, class teaching, and student guidance. Feedback to graduates, on the one hand, is to provide re-education opportunities for graduates, to help graduates recognize their deficiencies in professional ability and literacy, so that they can continue to study and strive to improve; on the other hand, graduates can continue to understand the talent training situation of the alma master, which can further enhance the sense of identity and become an important force for the its publicity. Feedback to employers is to improve the situation of talent training and the specifications and quality of talent training, and to further promote the promotion of the college's talent training work, creating good employment conditions and social acceptance environment for college graduates.